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Where are the outfits/costumes

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2021.06.14 15:13

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O.K. So I Dl'd this to play the Korean version and to get the uncensored files for the NA, but where on earth are our costumes..... and I did expect to see the sexy here but, NO... so  I have no idea if this version is even worth spending money on if all it is is upgrading Astels, and if my artfully crafted character was even worth all that effort in creator if I can't dress her up? Come on Devs...deliver to us some risque outfits and you can have my money... Sad as it is an indicment of the MMO genre, but 'sexy' sells and the games out there proving it have multiple servers as proof. Top of that list BDO with over 1 billion in profits YES 1 billion. I only hope that my advice be heeded, or your dwindling character base shall continue to plumet. Sad, but true.  I am not alone to want this, but, sadly. I seem to be whenever I log on, a whole world to explore, and no-one to explore it with . Such a shame , consideering I think this game has been so beautifully realised and constructed, even down to the Astel retorts when one clicks on many beautiful touches and so few to actually enjoy it...I weep for it's continuation, and will be very sad to se it die. Bless all who have put theit hearts and souls into actually realising it, I hope them better success in the future with their art. Sincerely Brockbane.


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