Equip Gears



Equipment equipped 

Items involved directly to combat power are equipped to main equipment slots.

Weapon, armor, bracelet, ring, earring, and necklace are quipped to main equipment slots.

You can hide your helmet that covers a face by Show Helmet feature in the upper right.


Accessories equipped to Accessory Slot offer basic stats options as fixed value, and weapon and armor offer detailed stats for combat.

Basic stats are added to weapon and armor as well, but it is not fixed, but ratio value. And this value is small compared to an accessory.




There are 6 Treasure slots for 6 Gods in the world of Astellia Royal: Ella, Dunkel, Gaist, Volta, Narthan, Lamus.

Treasures corresponding to these 6 Gods can be equipped.

Also, there are 2 Karza Treasures below, so major Treasures are equipped.

In the middle, you can find Class Treasure and a slot to which a title is equipped.

Aside from main stats, Treasures offer special options like the Deck effect.