Enhancement Basic Stats

Enhacnement of Basic Stats 

Enhancement of Basic Stats is one of the methods aside from leveling up a character and enhancing equipment.

You can enhance basic stats considerably by using Atra Crystal.

If you want to increase one of 8 basic stats, click the + icon next to the character info window.

Each stat can be enhanced up to 5 times at most. If necessary, stats enhanced can be reset one by one.

In this case, the existing enhancement disappears and the count of enhancement is reset.

Stats can be enhanced 5 times at first through using Atra Crystal.

If the total number of Astel's Star is increased, the maximum number of enhancing stats is increased.

Finally, you can enhance stats 40 times and 8 stats can be improved completely.


Atra Crystal

There are 5 grades of Atra Crystal: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic and Legendary.

The higher Atra Crystal, the more stats you can gain.

Atra Crystal can be claimed from Loots which are received by hunting monsters or through activities in Colosseum.