Shop and NPC

Shop and NPC

Many NPCs are ready for you to support your adventure in Astellia Royal.

While minimum functions are provided in small points, various NPCs providing most functions are located in large points/big cities of each region.

Because of this, it is better to set Return Point in a big city.

You can sell items unused and exchange items to all merchant NPCs.


Storage Manager

By using Storage Manager, you can access a warehouse where you can store and organize items you don't want in your inventory.

Additionally, there is a small amount of account storage, which all of your characters, on the same server, can access.


Weapon Merchant

The Weapon Merchant allows you to purchase low-grade weapons.


Armor Merchant 

The Armor Merchant allows you to purchase low-grade armor.


Accessory Merchant

The Accessory Merchant allows you to purchase low-grade accessories.


Misc Merchant

The Misc Merchant sells HP, MP, and Astel HP potions, as well as Resurrection Scrolls, and Return Scrolls for specific locations.


Material Merchant

Material Merchants sell components necessary for crafting. If you can't find the right material from a Material Merchant, such as cooking components, check the town to see if there is another nearby.


Special Merchant

The Special Merchant sells items through special resources(coins).

There are merchants for each coin, like Ancient Fragment and Star Caller's Coin, and all the coin merchants are in a row in big towns.


General Merchant

General Merchant allows you to purchase HP, MP, and Astel HP potions, as well as Regen Food.

General Merchants are normally located in small points.


Teleport Manager

You can use the Teleport Manager to easily travel long distances between towns. In the main city, you can teleport to the main cities in other regions.

You can move freely between points in the same region by using each Teleport Manager.

But in order to move between regions, you can only move by using an appointed Teleport Manager. (located in big cities normally)



When you die, you gain resurrection sickness. If it repeats, you gain a worse penalty. So it can be removed through a Healer by paying a small fee.



Visiting an Auctioneer allows you to access the Auction House, where you can buy and sell items to other players.

Details can be checked on the Auction House page.


Guild Manager 

If you want to create or disband a guild, go visit a Guild Manager.

A Guild Manager is located in big points, like Meiville or Ivera Fortress