Colosseum is a virtual battleground where you fight against different monsters and bosses to protect Holy Stone.

There are two modes and three different levels, which you unlock at 30, 40, and 50. 

The two modes are solo and party.


You can 3 Astels at any time, whether they are Servants or Guardians.

In the middle of the Colosseum Arena, there is a giant crystal. Protecting this crystal is the key to success in Colosseum and you need to defend against waves of mobs.

It is in progress for five rounds and the boss appears on the end of each round.

Monsters in Colosseum drop Banon Kingdom Currency, and Atra Crystal with high probability.


2 Colosseum tickets are provided per day and each Colosseum run consumes 1 ticket.

There is NPC in Meiville who gives daily/weekly quest in Colosseum.