Gathering / Crafting

Gathering / Crafting  

In the world of Astellia, there are a variety of resources including ore, plants, and relics.
Upon reaching level 4, a character can access gathering features by acquiring the gathering skill and you can use these resources gathered to craft various items in person.


Various materials in a field can be acquired by using gathering skills.
You can only learn one gathering skill at a time. It is possible to reset and learn another skill, but the level of the existing gathering skill is reset. The higher the gathering skill is, the higher material can be acquired.
Resources gathered from Fradoten can be only acquired from Fradoten.
The type of gathering skill and resources gathered per level are as below.

* Fradoten's resources gathered can be obtained only in the Fradoten's Garden.




You can choose 8 crafting skills: Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Jewel Crafting, Archeology, Alchemy, Leather Crafting, Tailoring, and Cooking.
There is no limit to learning crafting skills, but you and your friends need to exchange materials to secure materials.
Crafting skills are as below.