Tip for Craft/Enhance

Special Tips to Craft / Enhacne Items  


[Crafting Guide] 


You can make a new item by using materials obtained from gathering and hunting in the right bottom menu > Expert Skill > Crafting Skill.


1. Crafting Skill 

9 Crafting Skills and required Mastery for each skill are available.

In order to a crafting result you want, you need to check the crafting list and required materials in Crafting Skill.


■ Information on Crafting Skill 


2. Craft Items 

Crafting list by crafting skill can be found in the right bottom menu > Expert Skill > Crafting Skill.

After selecting an item in the list and checking required Mastery Level and amount, you can begin with crafting an item as follows.


■ Success System 

When crafting an item, you are able to have a result as Crafting Success!.

In case of gears, ‘Unstamp’ item can be acquired, which can be sold in the Auction House.


3. Main Crafting Materials



[Enhancement Guide]


1. What is Enhancement System? 

Extra stats of weapon, armor, accessory can be obtained by using Enhancement Scroll.

Even if you can have more powerful extra stats of enhancement items, there is a chance to being destroyed in case of enhancement failure.


2. Item Enhacnement 

In order to enhance items, ‘Enhancement Scroll’ for each item type is required.

There is Enhancement Safe Zone up to +3 Enhancement and Enhancement will 100% succeed.

When trying to enhance an item above Enhancement Safe Zone, there is a chance to fail and an item is destroyed when being failed.


3. How to Enhance Item 

You can proceed with Item Enhancement in the right bottom menu > Inventory > Item Enhancement or by using Enhancement Scroll in your inventory.

Also, enhancement rate can be increased by using Enhancement Aid Scroll.


4. Enhacnement Scroll 

Depending on item type, there are various types of Enhancement scrolls and Aid scrolls.


■Enhancement Scroll 


■Enhancement Aid Scroll 


* There is a grade of Enhancement Aid Scroll and it can be used only for enhancement of the same grade item