Take care of the Pimpis

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This is Astellia Royal.


Take care of the Pimpis! The Pimpis needs your help!

Complete the event quests and Get various rewards!

For information about the event, please see the details below.


■ Event Period

- Period: February 24, 2021 (after maintenance) ~ March 10, 2021 PST (before maintenance)


■ Event Details

- You can receive daily event quests from NPC Kirang during the event period.

-The NPCs are located in Almantin Village.

- To complete the quest, you should hunt world boss ‘Queen Arana’.

- After hunting of the world boss, you can clear the quest from NPC Hurang and obtain Pimpi’s heart as event rewards.

- You can exchange Pimpi’s heart for following various items through Event Merchant NPC Murang.

※ Enhancement Aid Scroll(Legendary) and Constellation’s Blessing are untradeable.


■ Event Notice

- Please exchange Pimpi’s heart for rewards within the event period.

- Any abnormal ways of entering events may result in the recall of rewards and the restriction of your account.

- The event content and schedule may change with a future notice on this page.

- Reward items claimed during the event can be differently bound and cannot be moved or restored to a character in the same account.