Regular Maintenance Notice - May 12

2021.05.12 15:12

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this is Astellia Royal.


This is to inform you of regular maintenance on May 12(Wed).
Please find details for more information.


■ Maintenance Schedule

- Date/Time(PDT): Wed, May 13, 2021 17:00 ~ 20:00
※ Maintenance time and contents may subject to change and it will be announced via this notice.


 Applied Contents

1. Added Gender Change Ticket

- Be able to change Gender by using 'Gender Change Ticket'

* The classes Warrior/Assassin can only use 'Gender Change Ticket', which can be purchased in Shop > Frunctions&Accessibility > Function.


2. Item

- Added 'Glorious Star Jewel Selection Box'.

* Changed Item grade of Star Jewel/Rune/Atra Crystal Supply Box, Selection Box from 'Legendary' → 'Uncommon'.


3. Others

- Changed the name 'Brilliant Astel Card Pack' to 'Brilliant Astel Selection Card Pack'.

- Added 'Granvels Assassin Astel Skin' to the sale list of 'Granvels Starlight Merchant' in Meiville.


■ Note

- Please log out of your game before maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.

- Players will not be able to access Astellia Royal during the update.

- Please contact customer center if you have any question related to the maintenance.


Thank you.