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Celebration for Update! 5-Star Astel Coupon Event

2021.08.26 09:53

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Hello, this is Astellia Royal.

Special gift event has been prepard with the update of Pallat Islands.
Don't miss the chance to get all coupon gifts~

■ Celebration for Update: Gift Coupon
- Period: 2021. 08. 25. (Wed) after maintenance ~ 2021. 09. 30. (Thu) 23:59
- Coupon Number: royalupdate419
- Coupon Reward: 5-Star Card Pack x1

■ How to Use Coupon
Please enter Coupon Number in Cash Shop > [Coupon].
- Coupon Reward will be sent to Cash Shop > Product Vault.
- Coupon can be used only per account and after period, it cannot be used.
※ Get reward to a character where you want to receive.

■ Event Note
- Any abnormal ways of entering events may result in the recall of rewards and the restriction of your account.
- The event content and schedule may change with a future notice on this page.
- Reward items claimed during the event can be differently bound and cannot be moved or restored to a character in the same account.
- Get reward to a character where you want to receive.

Thank you.